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Free and Easy Animated Movie Maker for Both Beginners and Experts

Plotagon is a free 3D movie maker that allows you to create animated videos with plots and dialogue. All choices are already preset options and you only need to act as director, writer, and designer to set up scenes in your stories. The best thing about Plotagon is that it’s easy to use because of its simplicity and even animation veterans can appreciate how it runs.

Be the Talent Scout

In Plotagon, you can either choose from the various models of characters that are already present in the list or you can create your own custom one. They’ll be the actors of your movie or short video clip, so you can primp them up as much as you want. Plotagon may be limited by how far you can do so, however—mostly because you need to pay for more choices—but there are enough free options available for you to make several unique characters. 

Unleash Your Inner Writer

Most videos need dialogue and if your story needs people talking, there’s got to be words written for the actors to say. Plotagon features a scriptwriting tab, where you can input the actors’ positions, animations, emotions, and words. It’s formatted just like a script and you won’t get so confused about what’s supposed to happen next or who’s supposed to talk after. The sheer number of available animations for whatever emotion or movement you can do also supplements your writing and makes your video feel alive.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Settings are important in movies, even simple clips, and so Plotagon allows you to choose where your scenes are going to take place. They’re divided into different genres, from school life to gritty crime scenarios, so you can be creative with how you’ll portray the setting using your script. Just like character creation, however, most have to be bought—but again, limitations breed creativity and there’s still a lot of options under other features. 

DJ Director

Unless you plan on a silent film, Plotagon gives you the option to incorporate voices with your dialogue. You can either use the default and synthetic text-to-speech voices or you can record and upload your own or others’ voice clips. This would also highlight any talent with voice-acting. Other than voices, you’re also free to tweak the sound effects and music of your scenes.

Leave a Comment Down Below

The most obvious reason for making videos is because you want others to see them, so of course, it’s a given that you can share your finished work with friends and strangers. Plotagon allows you to upload your videos to YouTube and other social media networks. Plotagon’s user community is also huge so you can connect with others easily, check out their own work, and give or get feedback from them.

No Need for an Animation Degree

Overall, Plotagon’s simple features guarantee that you can quickly make small videos of whatever you think of. Unfortunately, the limited free choices may annoy some, especially since the paid version doesn’t give a fully-customizable option at all. Plotagon lacks in more diverse features, as well, such as actual character movement from one spot to another and the ability to freely move the camera for better-angled shots. However, if you want an easy and free program that has nice graphics and won’t require you to actually animate, this is the one you can definitely use for whatever video you need.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • No need to animate characters
  • You can voice-over your work
  • Flexible script-writing feature


  • Limited choices for dynamic animations
  • Characters only have few fixed spots in scenes
  • Camera can’t be manually moved
  • No full character customization

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Plotagon for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.2.1
  • 3.8
  • (610)
  • Security Status

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